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Recommended Reviews

 "My  computer flatlined. Called Bill and he was at my house within hours. He  got the computer up and running as a temporary fix until he gets the  parts needed to fix it. I was impressed with his promptness and  professionalism."

Jon Keigan, Kelowna, 

We needed help with our computer but since we are new to the area we did not who to call.
We gave CSR computers a call and Bill came out and fixed our laptops and also gave us a bit of a tutorial on some internet questions. Glad to have called him. 

         Marilyn Thompson, Kelowna

 "Bill  was very thorough in servicing my computer and explaining to me what  was needed. He set up a maintenance program for me so I can keep up the  maintenance myself. My computer is running much faster now ;)  Excellent!" 

 Donna Duke, Kelowna BC 

 I  own and operate a small business where I rely on my computer heavily.  Bill understood how important a functioning computer was to me.. he  updated me regularly and got it back to me as quick as possible. He  warrantied his work and kept his word on his warranty when a small issue  came up. I would definitely recommend CSR computers! Thank you Bill!​ 

Pauline, Kelowna BC

Professional and Reliable and Trustworthy..."

CSR  Computers has been looking after our business for a couple of years now  and they are fantastic. Bill is prompt and efficient and most of all  honest. We had a laptop repaired for considerably less then the  competition priced and we have been with Bill ever since.

I would not hesitate to recommend CSR to any of our clients .

Judy Park, Kelowna

"Excellent Work..."

My  computer was making an unusual noise when I would first start it up. I  wasn't sure where to go with this, being new to Kelowna. I took it in to  CSR Computer Services and was very pleased with the service. Bill  diagnosed the problem with in minutes, ordered the Power Supply part,  and had me up and running in a short time. I couldn't believe the dust,  inside. He cleaned all that too, it looks brand new!

Bill is fast and efficient. Prices are "very" reasonable.

Bill  was a great help in finding me exactly what I need for a replacement  laptop when I needed it. He is friendly and very reliable. I could not  believe the reason pricing I got on my laptop. I will recommended him to  my friends. 

 Noreen Larent  ,Kelowna BC 

 I  took our laptop to Bill it had been slow and bogging down when trying  to open internet pages and documents. His diagnostic was very detailed  and he found the root of the problem. He not only solved our problem  (hard drive issue) he managed to save our data.. Had it back very  quickly.. Thanks Bill great job!!! His customer service skills were  second to none.. I would highly recommend CSR to all my friends.. recommended

 "quick, friendly service. Spoke to me in terms i could understand...came to our home for installation."